Bidding Systems by Martin Johnson

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History of Bridge Systems - Covers the various Bridge systems as they developed, starting around 1953 with the Roman System

Traditional Natural Systems

Modern Basic Sayc - notes by Bobby 'Goldman, from Okbridge

Full Sayc - reproduced from  OKbridge help

OKbridge 2/1- copyright Okbridge 1998

Bridge World Standard - based on a summary of the 2001 version of this system, a consensus of readers views of this magazine,  intended for play in casual partnerships

Super Standard - Martins preferences, reproduced from "Super Standard - for today and Tomorrow"

Vancouver Club 2008 - Modern hybrid system using ideas from current Italian and Polish systems. The 1 club opening is forcing, with either clubs or 15+ HCP, and transfer responses. Description of several relay methods after an artificial 2 club response to a major opening

Multi Range 1C systems

Roman Club System
- The original system as played by Belladonna and Avarellli from 1955 to 1968

Fab Roman -  The 2005 version of Roman using current responding methods to 1NT opening and a different structure of two bids using Multi and Muildberg

Fab Sayc2005 - A cross between the Polish Club and Roman, standard 1M openings, 1 four plus unbalanced, 2 is Precision style, 1NT is 17-20, 1 handles balanced hands of 12-16, 21+ hands and other strong one suited hands.

Polish Club - Multi purpose 1C system with many variations, including the most popular of WJ2000.

WJ2005 - Link to the latest version of the Polish Club (English translation of notes by Krzysztof Jassem)

'OMNI Diamond - An Australian system based loosely on standard but with a more or less automatic 1 diamond opening on hands in the 5-11 HCP range. Likely not legal any where else in the world.

'VANTUNES- A somewhat simplified version of the Fantoni-'Nunes system

Strong Club Systems

Blue Team
- An updated version of the Neopolitan club system, featuring a strong club opening with control responses and 5 card majors

G Canape - Short description of two versions of canape strong clubs systems played by Germany in the 1990 World Championship

Moscito - A complicated relay strong club system developed in China by a math professor, has an analysis of concepts for designing relays in general.

Meckwell Precision - Rodwell and Meckstroth's unique version of Precision using swapped positive responses to 1 aimed at maximizing bidding space and setting the strong hand as declarer