Transfer rebids after 1m-1M-2NT

After a minor suit opening, major suit response and 2NT rebid, you can apply transfer rebids, which have the same benefits as they do over a 1NT opening. Since openers rebids are then forced, responder can sign off with weak hands or bid out his pattern with game or slam hands.

1 - P - 1 - P
2NT - P - ?       

3 - shows 4+ diamonds and forces opener to rebid 3. Responder may have a weak hand like xx Q10xx Q10xxx xx and intend to pass 3, or a strong hand like Kx AKxx Kxxx xxx where the third bid will be 4NT (natural, inviting slam);

3 - transfer to hearts, showing 5+ hearts. Responder may be weak like xx QJxxxx Jxx xx and intend to pass 3, or game going with xx AQxxx J10x Qxx where he will rebid 3NT on his third turn to offer a choice of games. He may also have 45 in the majors, intending to rebid 3 on his third turn.

3 - shows 4 spades but denies 5 hearts, opener accepts this transfer only with 4 cards in spades, otherwise he usually rebids 3NT. Normally responder is offering a choice of game in spades or no trump.

3 - shows length in clubs (usually 5) but denies 5 hearts, 4 diamonds or 4 spades (since with any of those holdings he would have used a lower transfer rebid. A possible hand is x Jxxx Qxx KJxxxx. Opener will usually continue with 3NT, however he may rebid 4 or 4 if he has a weak spade stopper.

3NT - to play, no extra shape worth showing.

The principle to keep in mind is that responders second bid is a transfer into the cheapest suit he has not bid (showing 4+ length) or into his own suit(5+ length). The third bid by responder is always natural.

After 1m-1-2NT, a rebid of 3 is a transfer showing 4 hearts and 5 spades (since with 44 in majors you would have responded 1 initially). Opener rebids 3 with four hearts, or 3 with 3 spades(rarely strong 2) or 3NT with the minors well stopped.

After 1-1M-2NT, a rebid of 3 shows diamond length. If you play Walsh responses to 1, you will often have only 4 cards in the major, and 5 or more diamonds. A rebid of 3 shows club support and interest in game or slam in clubs rather than 3NT.